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Pension Plan for Safe Future Ahead | Health Insurance Consultant Place


Pension Plan . The Key to rule your retirement

Pension Plan is an investment plan which takes care of ones future. Everyone has to face old age. When one is no longer working there and no income coming but expenses will be on the increase. So to meet those requirements one needs a certain amount of money.

Well tell you the stories of two families to show how important it is to have pension plan.

Mr. and Mrs. Sood were living with their only son. They brought him up with love and affection and gave him the best education. He was playing the role of an ideal son with responsibility. He was the only earning member in his family and was taking good care of everyone in the family. Unfortunately he died in a road accident. It was a big shock for them emotionally and financially.

After the age of 55 medical expenses are on the increase due to age factor. Mr. Sood is a diabetic patient and he has to take insulin and medicine for other problems that come up in old age. Mr. Sood has the problems of his and his wifes health and responsibility of his daughter-in-law and his grandsons education, and household expenses and other expenses. Luckily they had taken a pension plan. So with pension amount received from Pension Plan he was able to give a comfortable life to his family. Now, due to his pension income they are able to lead a normal life thereafter.

Mrs and Mr. Gupta have two sons. They brought them up in the best possible manner that they could. Both their sons are working and are financially very well off. Being youth of the materialistic world they dont believe in traditionally joint family. So they live separately with their own families. They dont support their parents financially. Their patents are like a burden for them. Unfortunately the Mr. and Mrs. Gupta didnt think of themselves in their youth and had not taken any Pension Plan for their future. So now they have no source of income except some small savings and it is really tough to live life without money. They have to compromise with each and every small need in life. They had to cancel their health insurance, not because they no longer need it but they cannot afford it. We can say that they are managing their life but living under very tough circumstances.. Had Mrs. And Mr. Gupta taken a pension plan they would not have faced the hardship of life

So it is always advisable and wise on part of every individual to take a pension plan to enjoy that dependable stage of life when there is no source of income. If you have this pension plan you can live the life the way you want.

So take a Pension Plan and Be Independent and live life independently.

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