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Health Insurance Consultant | Money Tree Solution Place


Medical expenses today have gone up sky rocketed and if you do not have any health insurance plan yet, you are doing you biggest mistake in your life. With the aim of giving your life a security through medical insurance, PTIC a reputed health insurance advisor and medical insurance broker in Delhi, India offers you advice on excellent health insurance and medical insurance plans to cover your medical expenses. Whether single or a family, younger or older, we have got health insurance to meet your needs and budget. With PTIC you can seek expert unbiased opinion on health insurance plans of multiple health insurance companies, and decide which plan is best for you and your family.

Medical Health Insurance Services:

  • Unbiased reliable expert advice
  • One stop source of all best available health insurance policies
  • Compare health insurance plans of leading insurance companies
  • Comprehensive Cashless, no check-up Health Insurance Plans
  • Advice from Professional Health insurance agents
  • Flexible Premium Schemes
  • Real time support
  • Expert Consultancy
  • Save time and money


Health Insurance planHealth Insurance… Protection of financial loss due to ill health

Health Insurance plans cover you against health problems and illnesses. Health insurance guarantees payments to a person in the event of hospitalization or injury and it works as protective shield.

It makes you financially secure when you get hospitalized. It gives you peace of mind and takes all the worries of treatment expenses.
Let us presume a person aged 45 year who is the breadwinner of the family, he or anyone in his family has to go through a treatment /operation and for that he needs a large amount of money. At this stage he realizes that if he had taken a Health Insurance Plan he would not have to shell out this money in a go. This is the time when one realizes how important it is to take a health insurance plan if he had taken a health insurance plan he would not have had to use his corpus for getting his treatment / operation. This money could have been used in a better way. Well he was lucky that he had that much money to spend on treatment. But what about when it someone needs a higher standard treatment and for that he needs a large amount of money but he doesn’t have that. In that situation he might loose his life. Unfortunately these are the situations that are faced by many people every single day around the country.

So Protect yourself from these situations and CONTACT US NOW for the best Health Insurance Plan.

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