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Financial Service Provider In Gorakpur Place


Money Tree Solution is  one of the prominent financial service provider in Gorakpur and wish to present our wide range of Financial services, investment avenues as well as life insurance products. It is a Proprietor firm (formerly known as Profit Makers Distribution Company) with a heritage of over 13years and over 740 satisfied customers - Individuals and Corporate.   



“We would like to present you with our Wealth Management services and provide a full spectrum of integrated financial services enabling you to get access to an array of investment avenues like Insurance, Mutual Funds, Equity, commodity and Government of India Bonds”.


“To advise the best ways to invest money in appropriate investment channels while achieving tax efficiencies and increasing returns”.


We would be happy to provide you more details on Financial and Tax plans based on our understanding of your requirements. Also we offer Liquid /Debt schemes for Short Term -One day to Ninety Days for companies and corporate/ Private Limited companies

Scheduled A Meeting With Us
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